Aunties Two

Make something just a bit different

All INSIDE pocket pieces should measure 10 1/2″ wide by 11″ tall. In some patterns (not all) on page 1 under BAG BODY INSIDE, the last sentence in the section is incorrect. It should read “trim each pocket to 10 1/2″ wide x 11″ tall”.  If you have already cut your INSIDE pockets to 10″ tall, then trim all INSIDE pocket pieces to 9 1/2″ tall. It will still be a big pocket and the pocket bindings will be offset limiting bulk in the seam.

We’ve added an additional video below. While there is no smiley face on page 11, we have included a video for the bottom of the bag below.

Page 2 – Center and side panels

Page 7 – Side seam, part 1

Page 7 – Side seam, part 2

Page 9 – Top binding zipper

Page 11-13 – Bottom

This is the video for the bottom that we have added

Page 14 – Inserting stays

Page 15 – Using 2 1/2″ strips

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