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AT104 – Bali Squared Bag

Bali Squared Bag– AT104 Handy Tip: If your rectangle is not straight, this bag can be made smaller to allow you to square up your rectangle. For a 10” tall, 4” deep and 10” wide bag, cut the sides 4” wide, then cut the front, back and bottom 24” long. Video Links: Click here to…
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AT102 – Bali Bags

Bali Bags – AT102 Handy Tip: Shaping the sides is the most difficult part of the pattern. Make sure that you sew rope to rope (don’t just catch fabric in your zig or zag stitch) and that you are keeping the bottom of the bag vertical as you sew. If the bag leans toward the…
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AT101 – Bali Bowls

Bali Bowls- AT101 Handy Tip: Be sure to sew rope to rope (not fabric to fabric) in your zig and zag stitch for strong and smooth sides. Video Links: Click here to see a n instructions video for fabric covered clothesline Click here to see how to make double sided fusible tubes Click here to…
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